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Workplace Fundraising Ideas

Office Raffles

Members of your company team can ask businesses that you frequent (restaurants, spas, hair salons) to donate gift cards. Then raffle them off in the office.

Donate Your Coffee Day

People can spend a lot of money on their daily coffee.  Designate a day to be “Donate Your Coffee Day” and people will donate the money they would have spent on their coffee to your fundraising page. A new report estimates that the average worker spends nearly $14.40 a week and around $1,100 annually on coffee.  Imagine if all of that went to NF research!

Brown Bag It

On a designated day, encourage everyone to make lunch at home and donate what he or she would have spent on food.  Did you know, people spend an average of $15 for lunch while at work?

Boss’ Parking Spot

Ask your CEO, Director or anyone who has a premium parking spot if you can raffle off their spot for a day, week, or month.

Pizza and Soft Drink Lunch

Buy a couple of pizzas and bring in cans of soft drink to your place of work and sell a slice or two plus  a drink for $5. Co-workers will appreciate having a convenient lunch and donating to charity at the same time. It’s so easy!

Bake Sale or Breakfast

Bring in muffins or homemade baked goods to sell in the office. Set up a laptop in the same area so you can get potential members to register for your team.

Who Needs Pants Day?

(Jean/Pyjama/Casual Friday): Ask HR if people can donate $5 to wear shorts/jeans/pyjamas/casual.

Win a Paid Day Off

Work with your Human Resources department to raffle off a paid day off.

Crazy Outfit or Hat Day

Employees pay to enter a silly hat or shirt contest.  During lunch hour, host an outfit or hat walk off and let employees vote for the funniest. 

Happy Hour 

Ask the bar or restaurant that everyone in your office frequents, to host a Cupid’s Happy Hour on a designated day. The bar/restaurant can donate all or a portion of proceeds to your fundraising efforts.

Weekly Challenges

Announce a fundraising challenge on Monday morning of every week…Whomever raises the most money by Friday at 5:00 PM gets to 1) smash their boss in the face with a cream pie; 2) an additional day of annual leave; 3) have a free lunch that is donated by a local restaurant.


Ask everyone to cook and donate an item for a theme luncheon in the office. Ask everyone who partakes in the lunch to donate $5 or $10 to Cupid’s.