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Personalise this e-mail template and send it out to your network! You’ll be surprised how quickly the donations start rolling in. Participating in the Cupid’s Undie Run to help #ConquerNF is something you should be proud of and your fundraising really does make a difference to the Children’s Tumour Foundation and families living with NF. 

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Dear Family and Friends,

From the 14 - 28 February, I'm TAKING THE CUPID'S UNDIE RUN 2021 CHALLENGE and raising funds for the Children’s Tumour Foundation (CTF). It all kicks off with Challenge No. 1, I TAKE MY PANTS OFF FOR CHARITY on Undie Sunday, the new name for Valentine's Day.  This is the highlight of the fortnight and so make sure you check out my fundraising page to see photos of me dressing down to my undies/dressing-up to #conquerNF. Stripped bare, we are all the same.

The CTF is the leading charity supporting children and their families with the genetic disease, Neurofibromatosis (NF). NF causes tumours to form on any nerve in the body, including the brain and spine. It is progressive, unpredictable and there is no cure. I am fundraising for the CTF, because I believe tumours should never be a person’s normal. 

[Insert your reasons for participating in Cupid’s here. You may talk about yourself or someone you love that has NF. You may talk about how you want to challenge yourself to run in your undies for a good cause. Talk about anything you’d like- just try to make it personal!]

You can keep up with my fundraising progress here: {link to blog or social media}

The Children’s Tumour Foundation receives less than $20,000 per year in government support. NF affects 1 in 2500 births, meaning, this funding equates to less than $2 per person living from NF. The CTF relies on the generosity of our community and they are achieving INCREDIBLE things- including funding a Mek inhibitor drug trial, which is the only treatment found to have shrunk or stabilise NF tumours. They also fund specialist clinics in major hospitals in Australia, world-class research, support workers, family camps and so much more. You can read about their charity at www.ctf.org.au. 

The aim of Cupid’s Undie Run is to raise awareness about NF and important funds for CTF. 100% of funds raised will go to sustaining vital support services for NF sufferers, and to promote world-class research to work towards developments in treatment and finding a cure for NF. We are fundraising for a cure and trying to raise $500,000 nationally. EVERY dollar counts. 

There is no way I can do this alone! Please help me support the vital work of the Children’s Tumour Foundation. Making a donation is simple.  I have set up a webpage to make it easy to donate online (via credit card): {insert link to your personal fundraising page here}

My goal is to raise at least ${fundraising goal}. This money will enable continued research and support for NF patients and their families. Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for your time

Best wishes,
{Your name}

Remember to follow up anyone who hasn’t responded.

Some folks may have missed your sponsorship email or been too busy to take action. Follow up anyone who hasn’t responded to your request for a donation with a polite reminder.