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Workplace Team Fundraising Guide

Don’t forget to register online and create your Cupid’s Undie Run Team! Then…

  • Keep team members motivated by sending emails and encouraging them to increase their fundraising goals.
  • Many employers will match the charitable donations made by their employees. Use a matching gift search engine to look for the name of your own employer and for the company names of each of your sponsors’ employers. You may be able to double every donation you get.
  • Create a friendly fundraising competition between departments.  This can be for bragging rights, a free lunch, or a day off if you have a great boss.
  • Talk about Cupid’s Undie Run at meetings.
  • Get a story about your company’s team on your company’s intranet site and newsletter.
  • Have an inter-city fundraising challenge if your company has offices in different Cupid’s cities.

Workplace Fundraising Ideas