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Fundraising Tips

Warning: the following top fundraising tips have been scientifically proven to raise lots of dough.

Personalise your online fundraising page.

Add a photo or video of yourself to your fundraising page. What’s the point of having that gorgeous face of yours if you’re not going to use it?

Why are you doing Cupid’s?

Maybe your best friend/daughter/father/son/mother has NF and you want to be brave in your undies to support them? 

Maybe you’ve never heard of NF before, but you want to party in your undies to support a good cause? 

Whatever your reasons, start advertising them on your fundraising page or via email.

Set a target.

Decide how much money you want to raise. Make your goal ambitious, but realistic. You can always raise it later if you reach it.

Start off your fundraising with your own donation

Your friends will know you're serious about raising money if you make the very first donation to your page. Plus all donations over $2 are tax-deductible!


Seriously, tell everyone you know that you are going to be brave and strip down to your undies to end NF. 

  • Friends 
  • Family
  • Co-workers 
  • Local businesses you visit, like sports clubs, daycare or school
  • Neighbours…EVERYONE! 

Remember to tell them that donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Get your work involved by asking them to match your donation.

Many workplaces match the fundraising efforts of their staff, so don’t be shy!

Talk to your boss or charity committee about how to make this happen.

Use your network to spread the word.

Your regular email and social media activities are a great way to get the word out about your event. Add a sentence to your email signature like “I’m going to ‘Be Brave for a Cure’ and bare all this Valentine’s Day! Please support me with a donation at www. (yourfundraisingpage).com.au”. If you’re on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, post a link to your fundraising page on your profile, share progress updates and ask your followers to donate.

Follow up anyone who hasn’t responded.

Some folks may have missed your sponsorship email or been too busy to take action. Follow up anyone who hasn’t responded to your request for a donation with a polite reminder.

Keep on fundraising once your event finishes.

You’d be surprised how many donations are received after Cupid’s, so don’t stop fundraising when yours is over. Email everyone you approached to tell them how your event went and thank those who supported you. You might prompt a last-minute donation from the ones that forgot.

The number one reason people donate to charities is because they were asked.

The more people you ask to support you, the more funds you will raise and the more people we can help…so start asking!

Who to Ask?

How to fundraise in your workplace

The perfect place to get people together and raise money for a good cause is often the place you least expect.

Workplace Fundraising ideas

Need more help?

We have some useful resources to help you guide your team, ask your friends for help, and communicate about why this cause is so important...

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