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Dress up or down for Undie Sunday

We’re all about celebrating body differences! The Cupid’s Undie Run is your opportunity to put aside your insecurities and strip down to your undies in support of those with Neurofibromatosis, who can’t always hide their tumours. Or get everyone's attention by dressing up fancy. It is a 10th birthday party after all!

We challenge you to wear your undies, but we also encourage you to get creative with your outfits!

If you’re lacking a little inspiration, check out what some of our fabulous participants have done in the past. You can either dress up in a crazy costume or dress down to your undies in support – it’s up to you! 

1. Dare to bare?

Strip down to your knickers! You are doing an UNDIE run after all. You'll get a pair of quality Calkin Klein underpants with every ticket. 


2. Add some character with a tutu!

Order your Cupid's tutu from our online store, as well as t-shirts, caps. socks, and sunnies. You might need to BYO suspenders to keep everything in check like these guys…


3. Feeling adventurous?

Show our NF Heroes some inspiration by dressing up as your favourite Superhero! Or dinosaur, Cupid or anything fun. And you don't have to run - take a stroll along the 1.5 KM route, showing off your creativeness!

5. Sign up as a team

We're about raising awareness of NF, so the more people you invite to join you, the more who will know about this condition. Sign-up for your local run and create a team with a coordinated 'THIS IS MY TEAM' look!

6. There are no rules!

Get your creative juices flowing! Stick on a cape, wear a cool wig, be a fairy or cupid, or maybe a boxer? Why not?! We have even had a participant run as a T-Rex before!  Just keep it PG-13, pleeaaasse!

Each official Cupid's Undie Run location will have an award for #BestDressedCupid and #BestDressedTeam. So crazy Cupids and try and guess who is judging...!