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SA and NT

do you want to see cupid's undIE run back in your town?

Are you the best party planner? Do you know how to have fun? We are looking for volunteers to join our race committee and help hold a Cupid's Undie Run in SA or NT.

Our Race Committee runs a dozen deep and we're driven to make Cupid's the most fun you can have with your pants on. 

The team at Children's Tumour Foundation do a lot of the organising but we couldn't hold Cupid's Undie Run without the help of people like YOU! 

Get in touch with us and don't miss out on the party!




Can’t make it to run? You don’t have to feel left out. Register for our DIY Cupid's Undie Run and we’ll send you a pair of Cupid’s favourite undies and ask your friends and family to join your team.

Get creative with your outfits, fundraise, limber up and run! Don’t forget to tag us @cupidsundierunoz - the most fun you can have with your undies on!

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