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Cupid's Challenges

1. "I take my pants off for charity" Challenge

This year we’re giving you complete creative control over your undie run experience.

"Undie Sunday", the new name for Valentine’s Day, is your chance to get together with friends, dress down to your undies or dress-up, have a giggle, and recreate your own undie run from home. 

Want to run a km in a Wonder Woman outfit? No probs. Prefer to ride your bike with your undies over your cycling shorts? Go for it! Fancy dressing up or down and doing laps around your living room? Who are we to judge? 

WIN one of 3 awesome prizes for #BestDressedCupid, #BestUndieSundayRun, and #TopUndieSundayFundraiser, thanks to our fabulous Cupid’s sponsors.

See you in your undies on Undie Sunday Cupids!

And the WINNER is...

#BestDressedCupid: a $500 Camilla gift voucher, so you will be the Best Dressed Cupid for 2021!

Winner: Stephanie Pitman of GCMU Misfits, QLD.

#BestUndieSundayRun: a $250 gift card from The Athlete's Foot so you can keep on running!

Winner: Carys Farley, NSW.  
Runner-up: Jess, Darcy & George Presland, NSW.

#TopUndieSundayFundraiser: Canon EOS M50 with 15-45mm Lens Kit valued at $998! Thank you Harvey Norman.

Winner: Andrea & Rick McKenzie, VIC.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz and the category you are entering:
#BestDressedCupid #BestUndieSundayRun #TopUndieSundayFundraiser

Harvey Norman | Cupid's Undie Run Prize Partner Camilla Australia | Cupid's Undie Run Challenge Sponsor The Athlete's Foot | Cupid's Undie Run Sponsor

2. “Mum! Where are my undies?" Challenge 

This is one that you can do over the holiday season. Just make sure to pack your Cupid Undies if you heading on a road-trip! 

Take a sneaky photo of yourself with a pair of undies showing at an Australian landmark. Keep it decent so you don’t get arrested and be creative!

Share the pics and we'll try to guess “Mum! Where are my undies?"  

 WIN a $250 gift voucher from our ever-loyal sponsor The Athlete's Foot

Winner: Shelby Whitehead, SA.

Runner-up: Di Swart, NT.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

The Athlete's Foot | Cupid's Undie Run Sponsor

3. "Put your big girl/boy pants on" Challenge

Put your big girl/big boy pants on and do something that challenges you. Maybe you’re scared to sing in public or do an ocean swim – but you’ve always wanted to.

Have you always wanted to skydive but chickened out? Would your friends sponsor you to do it?  

Think of all those brave kids and adults with NF who face challenges every day, so let's try and put ourselves in their shoes, even for a day. This is another one to do over the holiday season. 

WIN the satisfaction of having achieved your Challenge! Plus a $50 Restaurant gift card from The Card Network. Runners-up win books from the Collective Hub.

Winner: Trixie Tania, NSW.

Runners-up: Julia and Jess Szulerowski, NSW.  

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

4. The Supremes: "Stop in the name of love" Challenge

Stop! Don’t order takeaway during February. Make your own Supreme pizza or favourite takeaway dish and put the money you save towards your fundraising page! 

Please show us photos of your homemade Supreme pizza, Pad Thai, Special Fried Rice....the list goes on....mmm.

WIN $60 gift card from The Card Network

Winner: Vanessa Streitberger-Sams, NSW.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

5. "Cupid's Embrace" Challenge

We are so excited to have Taryn Brumfitt join us as our newest Cupid’s Ambassador. 

Taryn shares our Cupid’s mantra “#celebratedifference”, and her body image movement (BIM) has swept the world, founded on the belief that everyone has the right to love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability. Taryn produced a documentary called "Embrace" and is now the author of body lovin' books for kids and adults.  

Share why you embrace your body, tag us @cupidsundierunoz, @bodyimagemovementoz and #CupidsEmbrace

WIN an Embrace Scarf by Taryn Brumfitt

Winners: Diana Hepworth, QLD, and Courtney Elings, QLD.

Embrace Scarves also going to Marnie Davies, QLD, and "BackBendBec" Tadeo, SA.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz @bodyimagemovement

Body Image Movement | Cupid's Undie Run

6. "I need new headphones" Harvey Norman Challenge

Head to your local Harvey Norman store and share a selfie with the new JBL Everest 650 Wireless On-Ear Headphones and why you’d like to WIN a pair!  

Or if you don’t live near a Harvey Norman store, share a selfie of the Harvey Norman website, picturing the JBL LIVE 650 Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones.  

Get creative and share with us and Harvey Norman why you need these new cans!

WIN these JBL Headphones from our Major Prize Partner Harvey Norman 

Winner: Melissa and Hamish McClennan, NSW.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz @HarveyNormanAU

Harvey Norman | Cupid's Undie Run Prize Partner

7. "It's Cupid's Cocktail Time" Challenge

Invite your friends around for Cupid’s Cocktails this weekend and charge them! You’d pay $20 a cocktail if you were out painting the town Cupid Red.  

How many cocktails can you make? How many friends can you have around? Don’t forget to check COVID-19 safety guidelines!  

This is going to be a fun challenge – share photos and recipes with us please to WIN!

WIN our signature 2021 Cupid's Cocktail Kit

Winner: Natasha Goddard, NSW.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

8. "Best Fundraising Pitch" Challenge

Have you seen the Pitch on ABC’s Gruen? Well, your challenge is to create and share your very own “Pitch” for donations. Why is raising funds for NF so important to you? Why are you taking your pants off for charity? Just don’t forget to include a link to your Cupid’s fundraising page.

You might even win our Cupid’s Pitch Trophy! Or we’ll split it in two if our very own "Gruen-undie" team can’t decide.

WIN the Best Fundraising Pitch Trophy and $50 restaurant gift cards from The Card Network. Runner up receives a $30 gift card from The Card Network.

Winner: Jade Navarro, VIC.
Runner-up: Jasmine LeTisser, VIC.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

9. Secret Challenge: "I'm not Stupid Cupid"  

Have you heard Cupid's Undie Run 2021 Spotify Playlist?

Well, this challenge is going to test your music knowledge. 

So stay tuned to our favourite playlist and look out for our Cupid's music quiz @cupidsundierunoz 

WIN the Glory of not being "Stupid Cupid".

Tag @cupidsundierunoz
#imnotstupidcupid and your answer

Cupid's Undie Run 2021 Spotify Playlist 

10. "Cupid's getting fit!" Challenge

It’s time to put in the hard yards and get some undie exercise. We want to test your fitness and see some push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, sprints or deadlifts – bring it all on!  Could you do 2,500 in a day to represent the 1 in 2,500 people with NF1? 

Creativity and form will be the judging criteria, and some huffing and puffing is encouraged - as is the creative inclusion of your undies.

  WIN a $250 gift card from The Athlete's Foot

Winner: Tonya Constable and Jess McKinnon, VIC.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

11. "Fancy Pants 2021" Challenge

Get the hot glue gun out and get creative. Or make a pair of undies out of newspaper! It's like the newspaper boat or hat, but with holes for legs ...you'll work it out!

Decorate your Cupid’s Undies for a chance to win the title of “Mr or Ms Fancy Pants 2021”!

WIN the Title of "Mr or Ms Fancy Pants 2021" and the Golden Undies. Plus KIDs gift cards from the Card Network.

Winner: Diana Hepworth and kids, QLD.
Runner-up: Andrea & Rick McKenzie's kids, VIC.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

12. "I need new runners" Challenge

Who else would bring you this challenge but our loyal sponsors The Athlete’s Foot, who are back again for the third year "running"!  

Share a photo of GETTING FITTED IN-STORE for a chance to WIN a pair of New Runners at The Athlete’s Foot

WIN one of TWO $250 gift cards from The Athlete's Foot 

Winners: Amanda & Lya Stott, NSW, and Kirsty Whitehead, SA.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz @theathletesfootaustralia

The Athlete's Foot | Cupid's Undie Run Sponsor

13. Secret Challenge: "Hello, is it me you're looking for?" 

Guess who these celebrities are? We'll post photos throughout the day and you have to guess who the celebrities are so make sure to follow us @cupidsundierunoz.  

Share your answers after our specially marked Last Celebrity of the day and you'll win a date with Lionel Ritchie - oh hello! Cupid, stop kidding. He's such a cheeky cherub.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

14. "Let's get Hand-sy" Challenge

Living with NF can be challenging for many different reasons, but for those who experience hearing loss as a result of NF2, it can be a lonely experience too. 

Learning new ways to communicate with those who are hearing impaired can be a powerful force for good. 

We are challenging you to learn this phrase in Auslan, film yourself and share. Don’t worry, we will help you!

“I see you NF2.”  
WIN a $50 Restaurant gift card from The Card Network

Winner: Jess Szulerowski, NSW.

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

15. "Virtual Sunday Session" Challenge

Join our virtual Sunday Session Sunday at 4 PM 28 February – now that’s no challenge. 

It’ll be a jam-packed hour of cheeky comedy, music, and learn to mix this year’s signature Cupid’s Cocktail. Plus we’ll hear from some amazing NF Ambassadors, who you've been sharing your Cupid's love for.  

Cupid will be announcing our Challenge and "Top Fundraiser" Winners. Will your cheeky face make the show? We'll email all registered Cupids the details closer to the date so make sure you're registered!

WIN 1 of 2 Top Fundraiser Major Prizes: Harvey Norman Tech packs

Winner: Tony Constable and Jess McKinnon, SA.

Runner-up: Zoe Rehbein of Emme's Cupids, QLD. 

Tag @cupidsundierunoz

Harvey Norman | Cupid's Undie Run Prize Partner