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Neurofibromatosis (NF) is something I had never hear of until my beautiful Godson was diagnosed. You never want hear that any child has a brain tumour that is incurable and these words broke my heart. At this stage there is no cure for this condition, with everyones help they can continue their fight towards a cure for William and many other beautiful children who this affects.

For you who haven’t met William, he is a vivacious 4 year old (who will be 5 by next time we all get our clothes off in his honour and run around the streets) who I am so grateful to have in my life. He brings me so much happiness. Every time I see him he runs up with a big smile and hug like I haven’t seen him in months (even if it’s only been a few days) and it makes my day. My hope for William and all the kids with NF that they can find a cure and continue to be the light of so many people’s lives.

Amy (William’s Mum) has taken on the role as Gold Coast race director this year along with her full-time job and being a Mum to her beautiful children. I am so proud of the O’Rourke’s and everything they have achieved so far.

Thank you everyone for your support. Anna xxxx

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