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Hi! My name is Amy and I am the volunteer race director for Cupids Undie Run on the Gold Coast.
In my 37 years I have been called many things! Daughter, friend, wife. Burger flipper, journalist, nurse, class clown, know-it-all.

Mummy. Mum.

It wasn’t until I started to be this “Mum” that I realised what responsibility really looked like. Responsibility is a duty. For me, this is the worlds best duty- the duty to make sure that these perfect, fragile little humans that are on loan to us as they grow, are kept safe. I quickly realised that our little boy William had been born a little more fragile than we would have liked, with a genetic illness that would essentially cause tumours to grow on his brain. And could (and probably would) cause more, throughout his body, at any time.

With that, with Will’s diagnosis of NF1, came a new responsibility. Raise awareness. Raise funds. Raise a child with a community around him who know and recognise NF when they see it. Don’t let these kids wonder around unknowingly growing tumours, suffering delayed development and learning, being bullied, misunderstood. Don’t let them suffer alone. Link them with their communities. Love them fiercely. Embrace them for their quirks. Be brave. These things are all achievable and for us, as a family, being involved in cupids is the perfect way for us to stay connected to the NF community.

Thank you so much for supporting cupids Undie run and our charity the CTF. We are so lucky to have you on board and we look forward to introducing you to our NF heroes as we strip down and run in our undies on 22 March 2020!!!
Amy xxx

My Updates

11 Mar 2020

These legends have raised a bunch of cash to show our little fella that we love him and support him no matter what life throws at him. Thank you all so much, the kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze me. Big love from Wills mum xxx

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