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Neurofibromatosis is a condition that effects a large amount of people but isn’t well known it causes tumours to grow on nerves throughout the body and in dangerous places such as the brain and the spine an in many other dangerous places through the body When I was in year 5 aged 10 I was told I had a tumour on my optic nerve which required 12 rounds of chemotherapy to stop the tumour from growing this was incredibly hard for me because why most of my friends where graduating high school I was having blood tests weekly I kept up my attendance best I could an was at school 3 days after having the operation to get my port put in 3 years later when I was in year 8 I had another operation to remove a tumour from my neck an than left hospital the next day to film the conquer NF video alongside 2 of my fellow NF hero’s Mitch an Libby I have just been given the news that in the coming months I will need to have my neck reconstructed due to the fact that my NF caused a bone deformity which causes me a lot of pain Like most of the runners I have a deep connection to NF I lost my cousin at the young age of 18 than later her mother pasted away at the age of 50 an than 3 years later loosing my grandmother to the same condition I’ve created this page so that more family’s have to go through the heartache of having there small innocent child diagnosed with this debilitating condition Please donate as much as you can so that we can do this together cause even NF hero’s need help when their wings can’t fly alone

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