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For everyone who knows me, Or may not be aware, I have a genetic condition called NF, Specifically Type 1, Type 2 is slightly more serious

This is not my 1st run i have done to raise money,

There is still no cure for people like me and i will have to continue to see specialist for the rest of my life.

I have been healthy for the last 2/3 of my life but the early years was spent in and out of hospitals, multiple operations, multiple upon multiple doctors, specialists, surgeons etc...

I was diagnosed very young with the early warning signs being the cafe au lait spot

which is an early sign/side affect of my condition, Among many other side affects inc but not limited to, Bone deformities inc scoliosis, Tumors growing on nerve endings called Neurofribroma, also 1 which grew on my right optic nerve which casued be to go blind before the age of 4. Lesions that can show up anywhere to which i have a few in the brain which are monitored by frequent MR

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