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Anyone can raise funds for charity, but how many are brave enough to take their pants off for charity? That’s exactly what we will be doing this Valentine's Day, affectionately named "Undie Sunday".

Rick & I are taking part in the Cupid’s Undie Run 2021 Challenge, in support of the Children’s Tumour Foundation (CTF) and people living with Neurofibromatosis (NF).

Neuro-fibro-ma-to-sis is a hard word to say, but even harder to live with. It is the most common neurological genetic condition and can cause tumours to form on nerves throughout the body, but few people have ever heard of it!

So we're stripping down to help change all of that!

I've set up this page for you to donate WHAT YOU CAN to see us run in our undies (close your eyes if you have to!!) And we'll also be attempting other Cupid's Challenges which I'll be sharing too.

Don't be scared about how BIG or SMALL your donation is, #ItAllAddsUp! I'M SCARED BECAUSE I'M THE ONE TAKING MY PANTS OFF FOR CHARITY!!
But it is nothing compared to how scared we felt or many other parents felt when they discovered their child may face a lifetime of tumours, scans and uncertainty; or as self-conscious and socially-isolated as someone who has developed tumours on their face, hands or arms. I can put my pants back on, but NF is for life. Currently, there is no cure and few treatment options, but there are support services and research.

Your donation will fund this critical support for the adults and children living with NF, as well as their families, and contribute to vital Australian research!!

Every donation over $2 is tax-deductible. Please click donate.

And thank you for giving as much as you can to support us in our bid to raise vital funds for a cause & charity that touches our family & hearts. You're contribution is MORE than appreciated!!

Why don't you join us & take your pants off for charity too? You're more than welcome!!

My Updates

08 Feb 2021

YESTERDAY was our “Undie Sun-dy” Run!
Rick & I would like to THANK EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU for coming out today & supporting this charity, our family, Bodhi & the many other less fortunate children & adults living with (NF). Your support, love, enthusiasm & encouragement has meant the world to us & warmed our hearts!!
Thanks so much for caring & walking alongside us today... We had a great day! There were 42 of us - An amazing turn out for just a weeks notice!!

08 Feb 2021

The “Yellow Brick Road” was a bit of a slick killer!! Due to me blitzing the 5 chillies up instead of just slicing and infusing them in the cocktail 😳🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

08 Feb 2021

On Saturday night we peaked early & hostess Challenge #7 - “It’s Cupid’s Cocktail Time”! We invited 9 mates over & raised $180!!
The kids even had a blast running round all night & played SO well!
What a great challenge... We might have to do this one again 😆🙌🏼

03 Feb 2021

NF affects everyone differently & can be physically disfiguring, which can lead to feelings of social isolation, anxiety & depression.
We run around in our undies to shine a light on this devastating condition & to recognise that no matter who you are, what you do, or how you look, every “body” is beautiful & that stripped-down, we are all the same.
Cupid’s Undie Run is an opportunity to celebrate our differences & fight the injustice of NF with love ❤️

02 Feb 2021

THANK YOU to all our NF supporting legends!! It’s hard to believe that just 3-4 days ago we had doubled our annual donation and now it’s almost FIVE TIMES what we as a family would’ve donated alone!!
It’s so heartwarming guys! We are filled with gratitude!! And just goes to show that every little $$ helps!!

Here’s a little happy snap from us pre-completing Cupid’s Day 2 challenge on the weekend!

Much Love!!
The McKenzie’s xx❤️Xx

30 Jan 2021

Bodhi is our reason for fundraising for NF!
At just 6 weeks old, Bodhi was suspected of having the condition when our MCH nurse noticed he had multiple birth marks, known as café au lait spots. Bodhi is monitored annually by the NF clinic at the RCH in Melbourne. He was diagnosed with having NF1 at 4 years old, due to a second characteristic of the condition being picked up. Thankfully so far, Bodhi is a healthy & happy 7 yr old & is mildly affected by the condition.

29 Jan 2021

Thank you SO much to all our awesome supporters for your generous donations... Rick, Bodhi & I are thrilled that by just mentioning & asking, we collectively have doubled our usual annual donation to the CTF 🤗😝🙌🏼
Such a proud feeling guys!!
Thanks again!!

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