Workplace Fundraising Ideas

  • Office Raffles: Members of your company team can ask businesses that you frequent (restaurants, spas, hair salons) to donate gift cards. Then raffle them off in the office.
  • Donate Your Coffee Day:  People can spend a lot of money on their daily coffee.  Designate a day to be “Donate Your Coffee Day” and people will donate the money they would have spent on their coffee to your fundraising page. A new report estimates that the average worker spends nearly $14.40 a week and around $1,100 annually on coffee.  Imagine if all of that went to NF research!
  • Brown Bag It: On a designated day, encourage everyone to make lunch at home and donate what he or she would have spent on food.  Did you know, people spend an average of $15 for lunch while at work?
  • Boss’ Parking Spot: Ask your CEO, Director or anyone who has a premium parking spot if you can raffle off their spot for a day, week, or month.
  • Pizza and Soft Drink Lunch: Buy a couple of pizzas and bring in cans of soft drink to your place of work and sell a slice or two plus  a drink for $5. Co-workers will appreciate having a convenient lunch and donating to charity at the same time. It’s so easy!
  • Bake Sale or Breakfast: Bring in muffins or homemade baked goods to sell in the office. Set up a laptop in the same area so you can get potential members to register for your team.
  • Who Needs Pants Day? (Jean/Pyjama/Casual Friday): Ask HR if people can donate $5 to wear shorts/jeans/pyjamas/casual.
  • Win a Paid Day Off:  Work with your Human Resources department to raffle off a paid day off.
  • Crazy Outfit or Hat Day:  Employees pay to enter a silly hat or shirt contest.  During lunch hour, host an outfit or hat walk off and let employees vote for the funniest. Happy Hour: Ask the bar or restaurant that everyone in your office frequents, to host a Cupid’s Happy Hour on a designated day.  The bar/restaurant can donate all or a portion of proceeds to your fundraising efforts.
  • Weekly Challenges: Announce a fundraising challenge on Monday morning of every week…Whomever raises the most money by Friday at 5:00 PM gets to 1) smash their boss in the face with a cream pie; 2) an additional day of annual leave; 3) have a free lunch that is donated by a local restaurant.
  • Potluck: Ask everyone to cook and donate an item for a theme luncheon in the office. Ask everyone who partakes in the lunch to donate $5 or $10 to Cupid’s.
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