November 18, 2014

Are you feeling a little out of your league with all this fundraising business? We’ve got a story for you! The amazing Kylie Brennan was the top individual fundraiser for Cupid’s Undie Run 2014. Kylie raised a whopping $9,050 for the Children’s Tumour Foundation. What’s even more amazing is that Kylie had never fundraised before AND she did it all in just 3 weeks! I know what you’re thinking…is Kylie superwoman? No, she worked her butt off and was creative.

LouayHenry14“I heard about Cupid’s from a friend of mine,” Kylie says, “I thought it would be fun to spend Valentine’s Day with girlfriends.” Although Kylie does not personally know anyone with NF, her uncle had just gone through a liver transplant at the time she signed up for Cupid’s. Her uncle’s health inspired her to fundraise because “every family has their struggles” she said.

Kylie used e-mail and social networks like Facebook to connect with her friends, colleagues and clients. “I originally made my fundraising goal $1,000, but I reached that goal quite quickly from sending e-mails and Facebook,” Kylie said, “so I decided to add incentives.” This is where Kylie got creative. Kylie told her donors that if she raised more money, she would wear a dress to Cupid’s. If she raised more money, she would add stilettos! If donors donated $500 or more, she would carry a balloon with their name in it for the run. Kylie’s creative strategy was a great success-she raised a lot of money and had one of the best outfits on race day, thanks to her clever fundraising incentives!

What advice does Kylie have for fundraisers? “Use social media, think of cheeky ideas, update people on how much you’ve raised and be relentless to your donors without being offensive.” You heard the woman! All you have to do is work hard and be creative!

What was Kylie’s favourite part about Cupid’s? “the whole concept behind the undie run is great- it was a lovely event.” Aww shucks, Kylie, you’re making us blush! Register now to kick off your fundraising!

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