Julia Szulerowski – Race Director Cupid’s Undie Run Wollongong



Day job?

Retired personal trainer and spin instructor

Why have you decided to become a Race Director?

To bring CUR to Wollongong. I was very involved with the NF Endurance team in the USA. I knew, through social media, Chad, who started CUR in honour of his brother, Andrew. I had tried a few small runs here in Kiama but it was very difficult to get them up and running, so to speak. So when I heard that CUR had come to Sydney I was very excited.  When I was asked to be RD in Wollongong, how could I say no?!

Before Cupid’s, how aware were you of NF?

My daughter and I both have NF1

Will you be dressing up, or dressing down?

I will be wearing a tutu over cupid’s undies, and one of my original I’m With Cupid t-shirts. I’d love to see those come back, they’re very cute.

Are you running as part of a team for Cupid’s Undie Run?

The last 4 years my family and I were part of Running Undies.  Not sure we’ll be running in 2017 as we’ll be busy hosting our entrants, but we have a fundraising page.

 If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

A healer, imagine being able to touch someone and say NF…be gone! 🙂

Which ambassador do you most want to meet and why? It would be great to meet Emma Tonegato…. our very own ambassador. We are still working on finding some more.

What is your number one goal for your event?

We hope to reach 50 runners, and raise $$!

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