Hollie Azzopardi

My background is in writing and journalism – I was always a high achiever in school, went on to study at University, scored an incredible internship with CLEO Magazine and then…nothing.

I just couldn’t seem to ‘crack’ the industry no matter how hard I tried, so when a role at a marketing consultancy became available, I took it, even though I knew nothing about marketing or business – and ended up working my way up the business over 5 years.

While I really loved my team, and was great at my job, I started to feel a little niggle that this wasn’t my truth. I didn’t wake up feeling inspired or excited to go to work – I was just rolling through day in day out, and it started to really affect my health.

I had always struggled with anxiety and being a Type A personality, I was constantly juggling long work hours, early gym mornings, social catch ups whenever I could squeeze them in, and making time for my partner and family. I had zero time for myself. This ‘people pleasing’ mentality seriously took its toll, and about 18 months ago I was struck with a serious case of adrenal fatigue, as well as severe panic attacks, depression, leaky gut, parasite’s and psoriasis. I was constantly sick, crying all the time, could barely get off the couch and just felt so lost.

I poured everything into self help and personal development, taking up meditation, quitting the gym for lighter exercise like yoga and walking, and educating myself on the power of nutrition and the mind/body connection. It was through this journey that I realized what I wanted to do – help others through a coaching business of my own. It sounds so cliched writing it but life has just flowed since then. In 8 months my business has grown to more than 30 clients, I have been published in incredible publications I love like Sporteluxe and Mamamia, and I have even just recently sold out my first workshop. I have made a complete 180 rotation from where I was this time last year and it feels incredible.

To be able to give back to the community is such a big reason I do what I do every day, and being an ambassador for The Childrens Tumour Foundation is an honour. Seeing how strong and brave these children and their families are genuinely lights up my life, and to be able to contribute even a small way to their happiness is something I am so proud of.



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