Husband and wife duo Max and Karstan made their mark on the record-rating season of Channel Nine’s, The Block Glasshouse, in 2014.  Equipped with a ‘you only live once’ attitude, cheeky sense of humour, adventurous spirit and a ‘team-player’ approach, the couple had an absolute blast! Since finishing up on the show they have enjoyed giving back to communities by supporting incredible charities such as the Children’s Tumour Foundation.

“We were drawn to support this charity because like many that get diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF), not many people know much about it, if anything. But it actually affects around 1 in 2500 people and is one of the most common genetic conditions and it can affect anyone, regardless of family history, race, gender, or ethnic background. We were also amazed to find out that the Children’s Tumour Foundation is the only charity in Australia that supports those in our community with NF, so we felt even more, that we should get involved.

It us a wonderful charity that we are proud to be ambassadors for and our goal is to help build awareness and greatly needed funds”

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