Our journey together started when we met at a Christian youth conference, we fell in love young and decided to get married 3 years later. Chris was an apprentice Cabinetmaker and I was a Video Editor. Our passion for renovating started when we bought our first house in 2007. It was a rundown 3 bedroom fibro house that needed a lot of TLC. After purchasing we realized it was going to take quite a bit of money to fix it up, and if we ever wanted to purchase a second one we would be working and saving around the clock.

In 2013 when the dream of renovating had been silenced by the demand of day to day living. We watched a Block auction in 2013 and thought to ourselves lets apply. There was a quiet confidence that we would be able to last the craziness of the block competition and a dream to sit on the couch with Scott Cam and only pray that we could walk away with something that would help us in fulfilling our dreams.

When we received the call that we made it on the show. We felt both overwhelmed with excitement, but also really nervous because we had seen what past contestants had been through.  Our journey was hard to say the least but we made sure giving up wasn’t an option.  We experienced some massive highs and emotionally depleted lows, which sounds a little like our auction itself. Before you know it the hard work was done with and there we were on the couch with Scotty Cam waiting to see if all our hard work had paid off.  Good news is we walked away with $310,000 and were so grateful for the opportunity.

As if winning 310,000 wasn’t enough once filming was finished we found out we were having a son!!!! Blessed or what!? He greeted us in May 2015 and our lives have completely changed but all for the good. We have had the last year and a half to enjoying being parents and spending quality time with our boy.

In that time we also had started our first project, a granny flat on the back of our first home in Sydney that we divided and are now renting both separately. We then made the move to Melbourne.  We have just signed contracts for a 3rd investment and are so excited for the journey ahead.

Our passions are still the same, we’ve always loved the idea of helping and loving others. Back in our young adult years we were involved in youth work for about 7 years in our hometown Liverpool. We got the chance to help youth in their journey with life, helping them discover that they have worth and value and that they are loved and are not doing life alone despite them feeling the contrary. We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing!

We are also involved in renovating a couple of rooms for Monash Hospital, which is focused in the maternity ward.

When we were asked to be involved with The Children’s Tumour Foundation, we were of course excited to be a part of such a great movement.  We understand from working with youth, how important it is for children, adults and families to know that they are not alone. By all our efforts from donating or joining each other in the Cupid’s Undie Run we can show the children and adults affected, that we are here!!

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