I am a business owner, physiotherapist in training, musculoskeletal therapist, CrossFit coach, PUMA ambassador and Women’s Health Magazine 2016 Next Fitness Star.

In 2013 I sustained an unstable spinal fracture (T12), requiring emergency surgery to affix rods between my T11 and L1 vertebrae. There was a very real time that I thought I was not ever going to be able to walk again.  For a few months I lost the ability to move independently, I couldn’t walk further than 100m without debilitating pain and I wasn’t allowed to physically lift anything for 6 months. It was during this time that I realised how much we take our bodies for granted and developed a strong desire to never feel that powerless again.

I know what it is like to have set back, to set goals, and then have to rebuild. It was really tough, both physically and mentally, to have to start from scratch and stay motivated in maintaining a regular fitness program. I had a lot of set backs in my recovery, each one made me more determined and made every success all the more rewarding. My training is now tailored to longevity, health, functionality and I am now stronger than I was pre-injury.

Having gone through this major set-back, it has given me an immense level of appreciation on the importance of having a strong support network and community surrounding you to assist in ways I never thought would be needed.  Being an ambassador for the Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia is a passion for this very reason.  I feel they provide the assistance, support and community to children and adults at such a critical time in their treatment and beyond.

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