For as long as I can remember, footy has been my life. I grew up with three brothers who I adored, and my dad is to this day my hero.  Looking up to my older brother and dad especially, I wanted to play footy and be just the same as they did. I was the only girl for the majority of my career beginning before I even turned 5 years old. At 12, girls can no longer play with the boys and my world as I knew it fell apart.

I have always overcommitted my schedule with any sport I could get involved in, so I then redistributed my time towards other codes and games. I was fortunate enough to represent Australia in both Oztag and Rugby Sevens. In 2015 I was finally able to take the Rugby League field again. I have been fortunate to be a NSW Blues representative, an Australian Jillaroo and most recently one of the first ever female contracted Rugby League Players for the NRL.

Team sports are my life, my savior and where my drive and passion towards life stems from.

There have been moments where my dreams have become shattered. I’ve experienced three knee reconstructions during my career to date, alongside a number of other injuries. Sport has always given me a reason to fight, a reason to ignore all of the negative aspects that are thrown my way and the drive to overcome obstacles and set new goals.

I have lead a fortunate life and been able to make these decisions. Others are not so fortunate and that is why I am extremely passionate about being involved in Cupid’s Undie Run Australia.

I am a High School teacher who is passionate about setting goals and achieving them. To the best of my ability, I spend my days helping the kids at my school to do just that. Everyone has a story and has needed to be resilient at times.

When I heard about this amazing charity, I researched the opportunities that children can gain from everyone involved. It gives children the opportunity to be resilient, the opportunity to set goals for their future, and the opportunity to tell their story to others and help their future.

I am humbled to be an ambassador for such an amazing organization and hope to raise the awareness of children with Neurofibromatosis (NF) in order to support the Childrens’ Tumour Foundation now and in the future.


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