Cupids Undie Run is held on Valentines Day weekend in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. The 2016 event raised over $237,000 for the Children\'s Tumour Foundation! Congratulations to all participants!

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raised so far
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our goal


Raising money to cure a nasty genetic disorder not enough for you? OK, how about a kilometre-ish run in your underwear on Valentine’s Day weekend, topped off with a wicked party, great company, and more fun than you’ve EVER had on a Valentine’s Day?

We know…we had you at “underwear”.

Cupid’s Undie Run started with the goal of raising money to #ConquerNF and, having raised $2.8M last year across 30 cities worldwide, this thing just keeps getting bigger.

Join in and take part in the best, craziest thing you’ve ever done. You’ll tell your grandkids about it – and sleep well knowing you helped reach the $180,000 fundraising goal for the Children’s Tumour Foundation.

Party your pants off this Valentine’s Day.

Be there!




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Brief run – big party – millions raised for charity!

Start a team
or go solo

Running in your undies is more fun with friends! Recruit some friends, join a pre-existing team or just go solo. So many choices, so little clothing!

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the love

YOU can make an impact and we hope you take on the challenge. Whether it be $50 or $5000, we will make the most of your efforts. Proceeds benefit the Children’s Tumour Foundation, and we’re shooting to raise $180,000 this year!

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cool stuff

Earn your undies and a bunch of other cool custom Cupid’s stuff, including singlets, backpacks and sunnies! Fundraise over $1000 to get 10 free drink passes for you and your friends!

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Bonds Undies

BONDS have jumped on board as Gold National Sponsor for Cupid’s Undie Run 2016! They’re spreading the love by giving runners their own pair of BONDS undies to wear on the day!

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Why we run

Tomorrow a new family will have their world turned upside down, they will be told that their child has a rare genetic disorder they can barely pronounce. There will be MRIs, many more doctors visits, and currently no treatments. We run and raise because we believe there is a cure to end NF and through the research supported by the Children’s Tumour Foundation and the funds we raise, we will find it.

Children's Tumour Foundation


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Our NF

These are the people we’re fighting for. These people are why we strip down to our undies and ‘Make a Date for a Cure’. These are our heroes.

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